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WELL FUCK. I just hit some magic combination of buttons and my google chrome closed. SO LET’S TYPE THIS AGAIN.

These are the walls I’m forced to live in at home because my mother wanted a bigger room for her office, and switched with my little sister.  Of course, the office used to be my bedroom, so now I’m stuck with this.

I’m painting as soon as possible.

And on another note, I have to get up early for the funeral tomorrow.  Also, I’m not allowed to sit next to my mother, because when we’re uncomfortable, we like to laugh.  So…sitting together at a funeral is out of the question.  It’ll probably happen anyways.

Night loves.  

i’ve posted this before, but i needed to post it again because i love it so much…

this is my baby sister (she’s 11) and she’s SO beautiful! we were driving out to the cabin and the windows were wide open and we had both been reading harry potter… it was just a perfect moment in my life that i’ll always remember and i’m so happy i captured a little bit of the beauty of it, and her. :)

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