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I stumbled across this lovely water colour painting of the world and couldn’t help but explore where it came from. Jessica Durrant is a freelance illustrator in Las Vegas and has created fashion and travel inspired water colour works of art. 

I love the delicacy of the water colours used in her work, giving a whimsical glow to the canvas with a punch of brightness. I can’t get enough of her piece on the world (which comes in a multitude of other colours), and if I had a place of my own I would no doubt look into making a purchase. The world is such a beautiful place, with each new piece of land offering new adventures, cultures and…foods :) Every new city is so vibrant with it’s own take on life, and this painting depicts that feeling to me. I also picked out a few other of her works that caught my eye. You can find her store on Etsy. 


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